S P I R I T – Attitude & Aptitude

By Rachel Wolfe What Sets KR Wolfe Apart from all Other Service Partners ….We call it our SPIRIT! Spreading Positivity, Initiating Relationships, and Inspiring Teamwork. When evaluating the KR Wolfe experience, our formula for success includes 50% aptitude and 50% attitude! We have experienced that a person with the right attitude and less aptitude can […]

How Much We Accomplish in a Week at KR Wolfe

Many probably don’t realize how much work gets done at KR Wolfe in a typical week thanks to our amazing employees. To see just how much we are accomplishing, I pulled all projects that had a completed date between June 11-18 of this year. I also went a little further to get additional insight. Here […]

2018 New KR Wolfe Clients

2018 is just over halfway through and at KR Wolfe we are just getting started. So far for the year, we have hit some impressive milestones, and what makes us most proud is the number of new clients onboarded for 2018. A total of 39! 39 clients that represent 100s of new opportunities across the nation […]