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KR Wolfe and Stryker: An Unbeatable Team for OR Installation/Integration

KR Wolfe and Stryker: An Unbeatable Team for OR Installation/Integration

For more than a decade, KR Wolfe, Inc. has been collaborating with Stryker, a leading global supplier of the most advanced healthcare and OR equipment and technology. Together this team has been executing turnkey renovation projects nationwide for hospital operating rooms and hybrid/Cardiac ORs.

Over the years, this partnership has expanded its capabilities and value to the healthcare community. In fact, this collaboration has resulted in KR Wolfe creating a specialized, in-house Stryker business division, in which KR Wolfe engineers, technicians and field service personnel receive rigorous ongoing training specifically for Stryker medical equipment and technology.

From surgical tables, booms, lights and equipment management systems, to routers and cables, Stryker offers all the major equipment required to set up a fully integrated OR suite.

“Working with Stryker on a wide range of high-profile OR renovation projects continues to elevate our in-house expertise and credibility across the healthcare community,” said company president Rachel Wolfe. “With Stryker as our equipment supplier, no OR Renovation project is beyond our capabilities.” 

Lutheran General Hybrid OR, Park Ridge, Illinois

This complex hybrid OR integration project at Lutheran General in Park Ridge, Illinois required a wide array of specialized
equipment and multiple vendors, yet the construction phase was completed in about one week. Scope of work included the
installation of Stryker’s Switch Point Infinity 3 (SPI3) integration system, booms and lights, Dual spring-arm mounted
Flat panels, wall-mounted LCD and High Definition (HD) Camera.  All cabling was pulled through booms back to the router
closet housing the SPI3.

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Scope of work: The KR Wolfe onsite project team included one router technician and two field technicians to install a complete
Stryker iSuite — a customized integrated OR ecosystem, designed to increase safety, operational efficiency and patient and staff satisfaction.
iSuite included Stryker Switch Point Infinity 3 (SPI3) integration. Components included 2 single-mount LF/FP’s, 2 Teletom EQ Booms, and
1 Teletom Anesthesia boom, wall-mounted Touch Panel, 4 speakers, one 55″ LCD wall monitor, and all new Endoscopy gear including two
Flat Panel Monitors. All data cables and Stryker cable kits are pulled through the booms. 

Stryker’s Teletom Equipment Management System provides ceiling-mounted solutions, reducing reliance on carts and enabling hospital systems and facilities managers to streamline the workflow of state of the art surgical care environments. The Teletom solution is completely customizable to numerous hospital applications including specialty ORs and ICUs. Our team’s room design expertise will help your facility maximize workflow through the custom placement of services, shelves, lights and with more than 400 Stryker accessories to choose from.

The unique flexibility of the Stryker iSuite room control system makes it easy to expand and upgrade as technology changes. The tool-less assembly and modular card-based design allows for upgrades to be performed quickly, reducing OR downtime. With centralized OR control, hospital staff can control compatible equipment from the touch panel, saving time and space.

We Guide You Through Design, Equip, and Connect 

To create a customized Stryker iSuite in your OR or hybrid OR, our team will guide you through the entire three-stage process: design, equip and connect. This includes designing and planning your room, providing world-class equipment and fully integrating your OR. As an international construction services company and an industry leader in systems installation and integration, KR Wolfe’s Stryker division is uniquely qualified to plan and deliver your next OR renovation or Integration project.

At KR Wolfe, we approach every project with a focus on Quality, Understanding, Exceptional Service and Trust. That is our QUEST, and it’s how we strive to spread positivity on every job site.

Successful OR and hybrid OR renovation projects begin with a friendly conversation. If you have an upcoming project you would like to discuss with our Stryker division, please CONTACT US.  To browse through other KR Wolfe construction and installation projects, click here or email us at

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