New Employee Orientation


Welcome to KR Wolfe! We’re happy you’ve chosen to be a part of our company!

Our Core Values:

KR Wolfe is on a QUEST to be the service company of choice based on our;

Understanding & Caring
Exceptional Service
S.P.I.R.I.T. (Spreading Positivity, Initiating Relationships, Inspiring Teamwork)
Trust & Integrity

Mission Statement:

Making the equipment and technology of tomorrow work today.


There are 5 main divisions at KR Wolfe that outline the type of capabilities we have as a company. As an employee of KR Wolfe you are required to know all the capabilities that we offer so when presented with an opportunity to discuss potential new business with a client or new contact, you’ll be comfortable describing all that KR Wolfe can do. You can always reference and direct people to the Divisions sections on the main KR Wolfe website for additional information and details


KR Wolfe – Employee Handbook 2018 final

Standards of Conduct

  • The KR Wolfe team are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct by observing and following company policies.  More detail on these policies can be found in our Employee Handbook and Human Resources Department and include the following:

Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

  • We expect our employees to project a professional image for our customers, vendors, and visitors and these guidelines will help you determine what is generally acceptable and not acceptable as appropriate attire.  Clothing should always be clean and never wrinkled.  Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable. All seams must be finished and pants should be worn above the waist or hip line.   Tattoos must be covered and not visible to the customer, facial piercings and large body holes including gage ear piercings are not acceptable.  Employees are also expected to maintain a professional appearance and ensure you are clean, dressed appropriately and well groomed.
  • Field Employees:
    • As a technician for KR Wolfe, you are often times the first or only person to make contact with our end client on a project.  Technicians will receive KR Wolfe branded shirts and are expected to keep these clean and wrinkle free when arriving for work.  Additionally, field employees must wear closed toe shoes or work boots and are required to carry personal protective equipment at all times.

No dress code or personal hygiene policy can cover all contingencies so employees must exert a certain amount of judgment in their choice of clothing to wear to work. If you experience uncertainty about acceptable attire and appearance for work, please ask your supervisor or Human Resources.

PTO Policy and Request/Approval detail

Equal Opportunity Employer

Field Specialist Cheat Sheet


You are REQUIRED to download, sign and email the Travel Policy & Fleet Vehicle Policy back to the KR Wolfe HR Department.

Travel & Expense Policy

Procedures – How does KR Wolfe schedule, dispatch, fully book travel
Rules – Guidelines for employees
– Frequently asked questions
Per Diem
Fleet Vehicle Policy
Hotel Policy
Zone Charge Policy
Points/ Perks

  • KR Wolfe allows employees to have personal airline and hotel rewards programs. The points that are built up are yours to use any way you see fit. When booking Hotels, we only book Choice Hotels. We suggest all traveling employees sign up for the Choice Privileges Rewards Program, for information on how to do that see below flyer:


  • With all rewards programs you signup for, make sure you email you reward account numbers to to ensure that your given accounts are applied everytime we book travel on your behalf.


Email Access & Usage

  • When hired on you will be given a KR Wolfe email that you will use for all business communication. It’s your responsibility to check your emails daily and respond as necessary. This email is for business use only. (See Acceptable Use of Electronic Communications section in the KR Wolfe Handbook for additional guidelines).

 StaffConnect (KR Wolfe App)

  • Every Employee is required to download, setup and use StaffConnect. StaffConnect is used for company announcements, news, employee recognition, general posting, private messaging, training, important company docs storage/retrieval, FAQs, event calendar, anniversary & birthday announcements and so much more.  Since the majority of the Technician staff does not live locally to San Diego this gives everyone an opportunity to share and get to know each other better and is a vital piece of communication for every employee to stay in the know with KR Wolfe. Any questions about how to setup or use contact the Marketing department at


  • We love to reward employees who go above and beyond! When a project manager or client from a job notifies us at KR Wolfe that one of our teams of Technicians or an individual did an exceptional job, we track that. We give out KUDOS rewards to employees when this happens. These Kudos range from $100 Gift cards, to other gifts. You are the face of KR Wolfe on projects out in the field and your attitude means a lot to us!


We use a Database or CRM (Client Relationship Management) Tool called Quickbase that enables our employees to work efficiently. As an employee, you’ll be required to use this tool, which is critical for you to manage your day to day tasks including: schedule and project notifications, daily timecard entries, logging notes to projects, entering expenses, and travel information.

Quickbase contains our client information including the various types of companies we do business with such as current clients, vendors, and sub-contractors. Within those companies, all the individual client contact information is also available. Jobs or “projects” that you will be assigned to are created in Quickbase and contain all project information needed. Multiple employees, technicians, managers and coordinators can be assigned projects as needed. When you are scheduled to work on a project, notifications about that project including name, details, and contacts will be sent to you through your dashboard and KR Wolfe email.

You will receive On-The-Job training from other employees in the field, however, please watch this video to understand the basics of Quickbase and how to use it.


How to Enter a Time Card:

Field Employees




Career Options