Field Correction & Recall Management

As a third party service provider for manufacturers in various industries, the need for exceptional field service is essential. KR Wolfe provides highly trained professional technicians, who are available for dispatch throughout the US. We are able to obtain vendor credentialing, provide systematic documentation, create proper quality control procedures, and with 24 hour dispatch capabilities we are able to provide qualified staff in limited service windows. Available in multiple capacities, our service team can be utilized for manufacturer warranty issues, service contracts, maintenance contracts, preventative maintenance, or updates to a current system. Our technicians are also available on a case-by-case basis to assist as an augmentation of your own service team.

Corrective Product Field Actions

In the last 2 years we have successfully completed several Field Corrective Actions and Manufacturer Recalls which consisted of over 3,000 FDA recalled units spread across 50 states, in 700 facilities. KR Wolfe managed all product logistics, dispatch, scheduling, form completion and auditing. Clients were kept informed with real-time updates and weekly progress meetings. Unique to KR Wolfe, both contracts were completed with fixed quote pricing and term billing.

Equipment Trial Management

“Seeing is believing” when it comes to new technology. Often facility managers, surgeons, and other medical staff will want to see and use a new system before making a capital purchase. In addition to service work, our Field Service division is responsible for product trial management. As technology improves on various lighting systems, equipment booms and router systems, equipment trials are becoming more common in the medical industry. We provide facility coordination, logistics, warehousing, shipment, complete installation and removal of equipment trials.


Field Service Capabilities:

  • Service & Warranty (Troubleshooting & Repair Expertise)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Trial Management
  • Corrective Product Field Actions (National & International Capability)
  • Tradeshow Assistance
  • Mock Operating Room Management
  • 24 Hour Dispatch Capability