Blanchfield Army Community Hospital


This project will be done over 6 phases (trips). The 1st, 3rd and 5th  phases will be the de-installation of existing equipment in two rooms, each trip. Each room has 1 Stryker anesthesia boom, 1 Stryker equipment boom, 2 Stryker light flat panels, 1 Stryker SPI integration system, flush mounted speakers and a wall control unit.  Once the equipment is removed our KR Wolfe technicians will build crates for the larger pieces of equipment and box the smaller items. These will all be placed in a mobile storage unit at the facility and re-installed a couple months later.


The 2nd, 4th and 6th phase will involve un-crating the product, re-cabling and installation of the removed equipment.

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital


Blanchfield Army Community Hospital
Ft. Campbell, KY
Surface Area:
6 rooms of full de-installation and installation. 6 phases total


This project exemplifies exactly why KR Wolfe has become the company of choice when it comes to handling medical equipment. We are extremely carefully during the de-installing of equipment and data logging the current shape and functions of all equipment in the room. We have the capability to manage, build and palletize crates for storage of capital equipment. With our attention to detail, being meticulous, taking the proper notes and pictures is imperative on a project like this. Whether it’s installing new equipment or carefully relocating existing, we’ve shown to not only perform the work but manage the abilities to meet deadlines. As of July we are currently between phase 1 and 2 of this project.

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