Indian River Medical Center Hybrid OR 11


State of Florida ACHA Permitted project that included: setting infection control, installation of floor protection removal of surgical lights and equipment boom, relocation of perfusion boom with Med Gas and electrical, installation of new surgical structural supports with universal plates, complete electrical modifications that included Siemens and McKesson equipment installation, Systems Integration, drywall repair and paint and construction cleaning. Installation of Maquet Surgical Lights.

Indian River Medical Center Hybrid OR 11


Indian River Medical Center Hybrid OR 11
Under Construction


The Indian River Medical Center Hybrid OR 11 project ran very well and was completed on schedule. KR Wolfe, Maquet, Architect, Engineers, Hospital and subcontractors all came together as a team. This teamwork made sure the work was being installed properly the first time. Passing all State ACHA inspections without any delays.

Indian River Medical Center was very impressed with the Infection Control that KR Wolfe installed. The Hospital Staff commented on how they had never seen that level of Infection Control installed before. Indian River is very happy with the outcome of the project.

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