Massachusetts General Hospital


Trumpf requested two of our technicians to assist a Trumpf installation technician to remove an older existing boom and install a new Trumpf boom in its place. The technicians on site were Tom H. and Joshua D.

Massachusetts General Hospital


Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit St, Boston, MA 02114
Surface Area:
This was for a single OR boom swap


Removal of the old boom entailed disconnecting and or removing brake boxes to make room to back pull cables. They then had to back-pull QTY-3 electrical conduits, and QTY-2 three-wire out of boom, and coil it above ceiling. All gas hoses were disconnected and coiled above ceiling. Once this was done the old boom could be removed and re-located to the facilities dept.

Installation of the new boom was a reverse process of the removal of the old boom. We used a lift to place the new boom in place. Once that was done they were able to raise it to the ceiling and torque to the manufacturer specs. QTY-4 No. 14 Allen Screws to 100lbs. Technicians then pulled back in the QTY-3 electrical flex, QTY-12cat5, and QTY-2 DVI with heads down boom to service head. After the cable management was complete, they installed brake boxes, and covers. Gas hoses were re-connected above ceiling.

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