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Spartanburg Regional Mock ICU


KR Wolfe played a significant role in the installation of a mock intensive care unit at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. The mock ICU was installed in a shelled out space within the hospital. KR Wolfe was appointed to handle a turnkey solution for a tandem boom installation. Our team was first required to uninstall two pre-existing concrete mounted structures. A key component of our provided solution was the construction of a custom designed super structure, mounted into the concrete above the finished ceiling. Working closely with the manufacturer, we engineered the heavy duty structure based on site specific needs. Seismic verification was confirmed using the weights and movements of the equipment. Upon completion of the structure, the tandem mounting plate and equipment booms were installed.

Spartanburg Regional Mock ICU


Spartanburg Regional Mock ICU
101 E Wood St, Spartanburg SC 29303
Surface Area:
Shelled out space converted into an ICU


This project was a great demonstration of KR Wolfe’s well-rounded capabilities, ability to work fast and efficiently, and utilize our vast industry knowledge to overcome obstacles for an outstanding final product.

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