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2018 New KR Wolfe Clients

2018 is just over halfway through and at KR Wolfe we are just getting started. So far for the year, we have hit some impressive milestones, and what makes us most proud is the number of new clients onboarded for 2018. A total of 39! 39 clients that represent 100s of new opportunities across the nation for us to continue to grow, build, and strengthen relationships, along with spreading our S.P.I.R.I.T.

KR Wolfe strives to be the company that goes that extra step to earn repeat business. After all, our clients are so much more to us than just a number. When we think of a client we think of a face, a person, a group of people, people we care about and value.

Below is just a small handful of some of the accomplishments achieved with our 39 new clients.

Rady’s Children Hospital: They’re doing multiple capital improvement projects and we have established a strong relationship with their project manager. We continue to bid multiple jobs and are currently doing large door replacements. Rady’s continue to send us ongoing quotes and will generate over $250k in new revenue for the year, and represent much larger opportunities moving forward.

Synergy Med Global Design Solutions: Synergy Med offers modular pre-designed, pre-engineered, future-proof turnkey system components that support efficient clinical operations and infection control. For KR Wolfe they represent many new opportunities for 3 of our business units, Construction, OR Reno, and Installation.

Surgical Imaging Specialists: Surgical Imaging came to us in a pinch with a Hospital Integration system at Texas A&M University that was having capability issues with other components. After some evaluation, we decided the path was to replace with a new medical grade integration system. The new system was completed in March and the owner of Surgical Imaging was very pleased and as a result has been leaning on us more and more for new installation opportunities.

Conway Medical Center: New client by way of TRUMPF for both OR Reno & Installation. At Conway we are currently performing OR renovations, removing existing booms, performing modifications to Med Gas, and the installation of 8 new booms and 8 new Beacon columns. They represent $200k+ in new business for the year.

Liko Lifts & Hill-Rom: Had our employees successfully complete their training program, so we can install their lift systems in hospitals and medical centers. This has the potential to represent a long-term business relationship.

Hanel Storage Systems: This is another manufacturer who we had our employees complete their training program and become certified. They have state of the art solutions to maximize storage space in a facility. Taking up smaller footprints and allowing for greater storage capabilities of everything from paper files to large equipment. This represents a great opportunity for our Installation and Field Service divisions.

These are just some of the stories coming to light in 2018. We can’t wait to see these new clients blossom into much more as we continue to build upon the existing relationships.