June 21 2018 0Comment

How Much We Accomplish in a Week at KR Wolfe

Many probably don’t realize how much work gets done at KR Wolfe in a typical week thanks to our amazing employees. To see just how much we are accomplishing, I pulled all projects that had a completed date between June 11-18 of this year. I also went a little further to get additional insight.

Here is what we accomplished for the week of June 11-18, 2018:

  • 33 projects were completed.
  • 19 different States is where these projects were located.
  • $181k in revenue for these projects
  • 19 PFAs were completed for Stryker
  • 6 Job walks were completed
  • 4 new jobs awarded
  • 2,412 labor hours (does not include management and support staff)
  • 74 total KR Wolfe employees

As you can see there’s a lot going on, on a weekly basis. It takes a great team to accomplish as much as we do, so thank you to our team members, clients and vendors for all you do to play your part in helping us complete the numbers above. Expect all these numbers to go up for 2019!