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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Field Service Partner

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Field Service Partner

With an estimated 40% of field service work being outsourced to third-party service providers, who you choose as a trusted partner becomes an extremely important decision. You have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in building your brand to turn your field service work over to just anybody.

What items need to be considered when choosing a company for outsourcing your field service? Here are five factors we, at KR Wolfe Inc, believe are key components in making that decision.


Not just price, but what services are you getting for your investment? A one-stop-shop offering a full-service platform is the best value. This includes the service provider handling project management to sourcing/sending technicians and everything in between.


The track record of the third-party resource you are considering will weigh heavily in regard to the decision you make. References are a prerequisite for making that decision.

What work has the company done? 

Having worked on the equipment you need serviced or similar equipment and working in the industry in which your equipment has been installed is essential experience for a potential service provider to have. 

For How Long?

What is the track record of the service provider? You need a service partner you can trust. There are plenty of “Johnny come lately's” out there wanting to get into the field service game. A long, proven history of successful projects, exceptional service, and satisfied customers is a must. 

Who Have They Worked For?

Ask for a list of clients the provider has serviced. They should have no hesitation in providing a list of clients for whom they have performed service unless NDA’s are in play. The list will provide resources you can contact and get first-hand accounts of the provider’s level of excellence.

What Was the Result?

A provider’s results will speak volumes. First-visit effectiveness or getting it done right the first time is the hallmark of a provider committed to excellence.

Does the provider have a history of successfully completed projects? Is there a high satisfaction rating? What is their standing in the industry? Any provider that is not only meeting but exceeding client expectations will have an excellent reputation that will speak for itself.


What can the prospective field service provider actually do? Can they deliver 24-hour dispatching? Nationwide coverage? What is their process of staying current with training? Are their technicians experienced with a broad range of tools and test equipment? Or are they a “one-trick pony” with limited capabilities?


Can the provider scale both up and down to meet your dynamic business needs? The ability of a third-party service partner to be able to scale according to the ebb and flow of your business cycle is extremely important. At either end of the spectrum, the provider you choose has to be adaptable to the seasons of your business.

Are They Easy to Work With?

What can the service provider do to make your life easier? This is an excellent question to ask. 

A third-party service partner should help to reduce the effort required by your team. Scheduling, ticketing, documenting, as well as logistics should be seamless and should take the burden off the shoulders of your team. This will, in turn, reduce your internal management costs and increase efficiency.

KR Wolfe Inc...the Company of Choice

KR Wolfe Inc has a long history of providing Value, strong References, depth of Capabilities, Scalability for all business cycles, and is definitely Easy to Work With. 

We are passionate about being the company of choice based on our value, quality, and customer service. Our growth in the industry and our growing client list is proof we can and do deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Contact us today at https://bit.ly/3gz060t to find out how KR Wolfe Inc can be your company of choice for your outsourced field service needs.