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Healing the Broken Heart

Healing the Broken Heart

Broken hearts come in many forms. Some are from emotional upset, relationships coming to an end, or disappointment. However, there is another kind of broken heart that comes in the form of blocked arteries, leaking heart valves, a heart attack, and heart disease.

It is the second type of broken heart that KR Wolfe plays an active role in helping to provide healing through the installation of cardiac hybrid operating rooms. A Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room combines advanced imaging technology with a fully functioning operating theater that enables cardiovascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, and their teams to perform intricate life-saving procedures. Examples include transcatheter valve replacement, endovascular aortic repair, coronary artery bypass, and the repair of congenital heart defects.

Through the use of state-of-the-art video routing and imaging equipment, the surgical team is able to receive real-time information from C-arms, PACS, as well as other systems on advanced, high-definition displays located in the surgical field. At KR Wolfe, we have had the privilege of installing the video routing equipment, cabling, imaging displays, surgical lighting, equipment delivery systems, anesthesia booms, and perfusion booms.

We also integrated computer systems for hemodynamics, C-arms, and communication systems in Cardiac Hybrid ORs in facilities across the nation. To name a few, we’ve completed Cardiac Hybrid OR projects at Sanford-Sioux Falls, Medical College of VA/Univ of VA Hospital, Mayo Clinic-Rochester Methodist, St. Elizabeth-Appleton, Augusta Univ Medical Center, Hines Veterans Administration Hospital, NYU and many other hospitals, medical centers, and universities across the United States.

It is in this way that KR Wolfe is actively involved in partnering with medical device companies and healthcare facilities in healing broken hearts.

– David Plekkenpol