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How the Pandemic and Lockdown Made KR Wolfe a Stronger, Better Company

How the Pandemic and Lockdown Made KR Wolfe a Stronger, Better Company

The novel coronavirus pandemic and nationwide closures of “non-essential businesses” have had a devasting impact on countless companies and entrepreneurs. At KR Wolfe, however, we took advantage of the temporary work slow-down to engage our field service technicians in a wide range of training and certification programs. As a result, now that the US economy is opening up again, the “Wolfe Pack” is re-emerging as a stronger, more unified company that’s better prepared than ever to serve new and existing clients.

“Our people are the firm’s greatest assets,” says company president Rachel Wolfe. “So rather than implementing mass lay-offs or furloughs that would create hardships for our employees and their families, we applied for and were fortunate to secure government funding offered through the CARES Act,” Wolfe added.

The loans enabled the company to keep virtually all employees on the payroll.  It turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to impart new skills among our team members and help them brush up on existing skill sets. We achieved this via webinars, online video conferencing, and one-on-one sessions throughout the national stay at home orders.

KR Wolfe conducted over 20 group training sessions plus a handful of one on one trainings if technicians felt they needed extra help. Typically, we would have our Stryker East and West team on every training, but on a few occasions, we would cross-train technicians from other divisions and have a total of 16-18 participants.

The following is a partial list of recent training programs and manufacturer-specific modules that have significantly elevated the talent levels of our field service, equipment installation and systems installation teams.

  • Stryker Training: Standard Operating Procedures and Standard of Work
  • Stryker SLMS Credentialing Training
  • Stryker In-house Termination and Router Installation Training
  • Installing Operating Room Booms
  • Installing (Ceiling?) Suspensions
  • Core II Hub Training
  • How to read CAD and Elevation Drawings
  • System / Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Programming various types of Wall Controls
  • Electronic Cable / Coil Fiber installations: Properly pulling, taping, zip-tying

The Value of Highly Trained Technicians

Having teams of highly trained, quality and safety-conscious technicians dispatched to each job site benefits all stakeholders. It ensures that our personnel has the skills sets and knowledge to complete the work safely and efficiently—saving costs, staying on schedule and minimizing liability for our clients and manufacturing partners.  A strong belief in the value of training enables KR Wolfe to help minimize risks and meet demanding schedules even on complex projects.

Training is Woven into the SPIRIT of Our Corporate Culture

Spirit is one of those intangible elements that drives the culture at KR Wolfe. Our version of SPIRIT stands for: Spreading Positivity, Initiating Relationships & Inspiring Teamwork. Every successful construction, equipment installation or systems integration project begins with a friendly conversation, respectful relationship and teamwork.

If you have an upcoming project you would like to discuss with our team, please CONTACT US.

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