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KR Wolfe Awarded Government Service Agreement Contract, Smart Building Systems Integrator

KR Wolfe Inc. is proud to announce the award of our Government Service Agreement, Contract #GS-21F-0137X. KR Wolfe’s Smart Building Systems Integration offering takes advantage of intelligent automation, modern communications and other technology solutions to analyze and determine the best technology choices for your business, including comprehensive consideration of all communication and control systems: electrical, HVAC, security, lighting controls, fire alarm, safety, audio/visual, network infrastructure, etc. Many of the parts associated with controls and communications are interchangeable and can be integrated. We leverage our considerable expertise to achieve the outcome you desire in design and implementation. KR Wolfe provides a competitive initial cost of services and technologies that lowers operational expense, creates flexibility for future technology evolution and builds environments that drive higher productivity and an increased asset value.

GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the tedious, time-consuming government procurement process to a few simple steps. GSA has done this by prequalifying vendors to perform a range of services. They have reviewed vendor qualifications, capabilities and cost schedules in advance of the need for services, and identified these vendors, by type of service, on the GSA Advantage!™ website. For KR Wolfe Inc. refer to Contract Number: GS-21F-0137X. This approval is valid for all organizations in the federal government and other governmental agencies, and the entire process—from identifying the Statement of Work (SOW) to having a contractor on board—can be completed in as few as three weeks. To initiate the process, provide your contracting officer (CO) with an SOW. Your CO will issue your SOW to three approved GSA Schedule vendors, or the appropriate schedule and Special Item Number (SIN), which align with your requirements needed. You and your CO then review the vendors’ responses and select the “best value” contractor. Once you have selected your “best value” provider, a contract order is issued directly to the selected contractor. GSA has put the process in place, and will assist you if needed, but does not get involved in your procurement process.
GSA Contract
~  KR Wolfe was awarded the contract under SIN #003-01, Smart Buildings Systems Integrator.

Description of Smart Buildings Systems Integrator capabilities:

Includes the comprehensive integration of building systems and technology using a non-proprietary and open architecture. Typical building systems to be integrated include: building automation, life safety, telecommunications, facilities management, security, energy and environmental control, HVAC, lighting, building envelope, access control, power management, cabling infrastructure/wireless, VOIP, video distribution, video surveillance, data network, etc. Typical integration functions include, but are not limited to: requirements analysis, strategic systems planning, system configuration, implementation alternatives, integration planning, system component acquisition, component integration, testing and analysis, interaction with Building Operations Centers, collection/manipulation of smart building component data, configuration management and control, design-guide development, operational training and support, monitoring, reporting and managing of the systems, and systems maintenance.