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KR Wolfe Field Service Division: When Things Go Wrong, We Make it Right

KR Wolfe Field Service Division: When Things Go Wrong, We Make it Right

Coast to Coast Solutions for Equipment Corrective Actions

World-class medical equipment manufacturers and life sciences companies trust KR Wolfe, Inc. for a wide range of field services. KR Wolfe is one of the few construction firms in the world with the expertise and manpower to execute medical equipment trial management, Field Service maintenance/warranty, and technical corrective actions for thousands of products or systems residing at hundreds of different locations.

When Stryker Communications learned of a potentially harmful defect in a specific model of overhead lighting suspensions, they reached out to KR Wolfe to conduct onsite inspections at hundreds of hospitals across the U.S. KR Wolfe Project Managers went to work contacting the facilities and coordinating inspection times to accommodate operating room schedules and minimize disruption to staff and patients. A team of certified Field Service Specialists fully trained on the Stryker light suspensions was then deployed across the nation.

At the completion of each of the 2,500 inspections, the Wolfe Pack team provided Stryker with a detailed report including photos to ensure equipment quality. Bottom line: the project finished on-time and on-budget.

Trial Management Support for Medical Equipment

The KR Wolfe Field Service division also specializes in medical equipment trial management. As technology improves across healthcare lighting systems, equipment booms and router systems, equipment trials are becoming more common in the healthcare space. The Wolfe Pack’s turnkey solution includes facility coordination, logistics, warehousing, shipment, complete installation and removal of trial equipment.

Stryker Medical needed a partner to install a strategic Operating Room Light Trial at Trinity Medical Center. This type of trial installation usually has cables being draped across the suspension in the ceiling. However, in response to heighted requirements for infection control and improved aesthetics, the hospital required that the cables were routed inside the conduit. To meet this challenge, KR Wolfe Technicians—trained specifically for Stryker OR lighting systems—custom-fabricated the system’s conduit on-site. The team completed the installation ahead of schedule and on-budget— exceeding Stryker’s and the OR Manager’s expectations for quality.

Outsourcing and Streamlining Repair & Maintenance

MilliporeSigma is a world-class biotech firm providing scientists and engineers with leading edge lab materials, technologies and services. The firm collaborates with the global scientific community—working to solve the toughest challenges in the life sciences space.

Faced with a number of complex personnel and logistical challenges related to managing field repair and maintenance services for their customer-partners, Millipore-Sigma turned to KR Wolfe. To streamline product repair and maintenance operations, KR Wolfe enlisted five full-time field technicians—fully trained, certified and 100% dedicated to the Millipore business.

The KR Wolfe technicians are staffed strategically across the US to support Millipore’s installation, repair and preventative maintenance requirements for 100+ customer facilities. By partnering with KR Wolfe, MilliporeSigma is now able to keep service call travel costs to a minimum, enjoy a 24-hour response rate and significantly reduce the strain on the firm’s internal resources. KR Wolfe was proud to achieve these results for Millipore:

  • 9% First Visit Completion Ratio
  • 24-hour response rate
  • 7 Different Products and Systems Supported

Let’s Talk About Your Field Service Needs.

As life science technologies forge ahead at the speed of light, there are myriad ways in which things can go wrong in the field. KR Wolfe can help make it right.  Every successful field service, construction or installation project starts with a friendly conversation. Let’s talk about your unique field service needs. Call us at (619) 328-1544 or send a quick email to

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