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August 26 2011 0 Comment

KR Wolfe Inc. Awarded Stryker International QIP Contract

Partnering with Stryker Communications, KR Wolfe Inc has been selected to provide services for an international quality inspection program. Although KR Wolfe Inc. has performed many installation projects internationally in the past, we are proud to dedicate a 10+ member team of technicians to this quality assurance contract. The KR Wolfe team will be visiting over 200 hospitals globally to ensure that all Stryker equipment is running efficiently, and will resolve and troubleshoot any customer issues. Our highly skilled team was selected due to the outstanding track record of client satisfaction and the strong relationship we have with Stryker Communications. Check back for further updates on this contract and to see were our technicians have globetrotted to ensure that each and every hospital’s OR equipment is running as optimally as initial installation.