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S P I R I T – Attitude & Aptitude

S P I R I T – Attitude & Aptitude

By Rachel Wolfe

What Sets KR Wolfe Apart from all Other Service Partners ….We call it our SPIRIT! Spreading Positivity, Initiating Relationships, and Inspiring Teamwork.

When evaluating the KR Wolfe experience, our formula for success includes 50% aptitude and 50% attitude! We have experienced that a person with the right attitude and less aptitude can be more successful and generate higher client satisfaction than the person with high aptitude and a negative attitude. When evaluating our Core Values, KR Wolfe SPIRIT became one of 5 key attributes in our QUEST!

Spreading Positivity among the team is mandatory, in order for KR Wolfe to be looked at as a solution provider for our clients, often the team dynamic we coordinate with includes not only our client, but our client’s client as well as other third-party suppliers. It is the coordination between all these players that results in a successful project. A positive attitude toward relationships and end result becomes the bond between peers. It is our goal to have all companies interacting with KR Wolfe to enjoy their experience and want to work with our team again in the future. Building longstanding relationships with our clients and being referred to new clients based on our existing positive relationships has proven successful in 10 years of organic sales growth.

Initiating Relationships… someone always has to extend a hand to initiate a relationship first. Our team engages with contacts opening the lines of communication and initiating building a relationship and rapport. Utilizing communication principals like human/business/human interaction builds a relationship among teams rather than transactions. Spending the time to learn something new about those you engage with fosters a bond between friends rather than an encounter between contacts. Smiling is contagious!

Inspiring Teamwork among peers is natural with a positive attitude and open communication. Having a “can do, will do” attitude and being open to engaging in any task the team needs not establishes a team player but motivates others to do the same. Inspire Teamwork in others by being the best team member you can be.

SPIRIT can be ignited in your life and daily interactions, resulting in positive energy, growth and strengthening of the relationships you build with your clients and team!