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July 09 2019 0 Comment
The Power of Moments: Projects Transforming Lives

The Power of Moments: Projects Transforming Lives

There is power in a moment. Transformational power. In a very brief sliver of time, an entire paradigm shift can take place resulting in a new perspective, a new mission, a new way of going about the day-to-day tasks of life.

I never really understood how powerful, how life-changing, a moment could be until about eight years ago when our team was working at one of the top transplant hospitals in the country. From that day forward, the work we carry out at KR Wolfe Inc., has been seen in a whole new light.

On this particular project we were upgrading the video integration in 11 operating rooms (OR’s). This was a routine process we have done in many facilities prior to this project. The job started off in the same routine fashion as it had been done in previous facilities, with the exception of the timeline being incredibly tight, completing 11 rooms in 11 nights. Little did we know, there would come a moment that would utterly transform my way of thinking in regard to our mission as a company, why we do what we do.

After the fourth day on the project, the 16+ hour nights on site were taking their predictable toll. Nothing new. We had been through this before. What happened on the fifth night changed me forever.

As we were walking into the ORs on that night, we had to pass by the observation window of the room we had completed the previous night. Through that window, we were able to watch someone undergoing a transplant surgery, receiving a new liver to replace their failing organ. Someone was being gifted with a new lease on life with the aid of the equipment we installed! This was an incredibly powerful moment that brought about a revolutionary new mindset.

In the power of that moment, it became very real that the work we do is so much more than pulling cables and installing equipment. In that moment, I came to the understanding that we are in the people transformation business. Through the equipment we install, we help in transforming people’s lives.

I believe our role in what we do is just as important as the work done by the surgical team. The equipment we install provides gifted surgeons the technology they need. Every patient who is rolled through the doors of one of the ORs we have installed is transformed forever. Through the work we do, coupled with the work of the surgical team, patients are granted the opportunity to celebrate another birthday, have children, walk pain-free for the first time in years, get married, hear for the first time, have sight restored, receive a new liver, kidney, heart or lung…the list is endless. Through executing our duties with excellence, we are transforming people’s lives.

At KR Wolfe Inc., we are so much more than the work we undertake. We are a team of focused, committed individuals inextricably bound together by an overarching passion for the betterment of life for all who are in need of the equipment we install.


–David Plekkenpol