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August 10 2018 0 Comment
A Special OR Renovation at Stanford Hospital

A Special OR Renovation at Stanford Hospital

The Stanford project goes beyond the norm of a OR renovation here at KR Wolfe. These Cath Labs and Hybrid rooms are extremely complex for our installation team and require the most experienced specialists. There are more sources, displays, and devices in Cath Lab/Hybrid rooms than any other type of room we do. Not only is the equipment highly sophisticated, these rooms are used for the most critical interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery cases.

Stryker Business Manager Dave Plekkenpol states, “Projects of this nature cannot result in an OR down. In most cases, surgeries done in these rooms are a patient’s last hope at life and there are no other ORs in the hospital that can handle this kind of case. Our field teams do amazing things in what they do to preserve and transform lives.”

A big kudos to our field team Delfino Perez, Adam DePriest and Rick Hall. Together these guys tackled this complex installation in just two weekends working a total of 85 hours. Thank you for all your hard work! With your grand diligence, the Stanford renovation was successfully completed in an outstanding time frame and will help to improve the quality of life for many.