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When our customers want a system solution that will give them the best value for their investment, a system that is easy to use and will accommodate moves adds and changes for years to come, the K.R. Wolfe Inc. team has the innovation to meet and surpass our clients expectations.   Our cabling system solutions have more than top performance, they have the flexibility to work for you now, and in the future. Your cabling infrastructure impacts your long-term network costs.  Our Pass/Fail criteria are the most stringent in the industry.  As a result, our project solutions not only meet, but exceed all industry standards.   K.R. Wolfe’s goal is to install the greatest overall value without sacrificing performance, reliability, or system integrity.  To ensure that our product quality on each project is consistently high, every cable is monitored and tested.

Project Details

  • System Solutions
  • Flexibility & Value
  • Equipment Installation
  • Systems Integration
  • Construction
  • Planning & Consulting