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What’s on the Horizon in 2021 for Healthcare Construction?

What’s on the Horizon in 2021 for Healthcare Construction?

The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives and jobs in so many ways. Looking forward, it appears that it’s going to continue to do so for years to come. In the healthcare construction space, for example, several new trends are expected in 2021 specifically to help prevent or reduce infection rates. These may include reconfiguring waiting areas, increasing […]
Re-Thinking Infection Control to Battle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Re-Thinking Infection Control to Battle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11th of 2020, KR Wolfe has been deploying the company’s deep expertise in infection control and responsive field services to help contain the virus and protect patients and hospital staff. “We’ve been working to alleviate some of the stress and burden our hospitals and healthcare facilities are […]

Take Advantage of Downtime to Upgrade Capital Equipment and Technology

When your educational facilities, transportation hubs or corporate operations are running at full tilt, it can be difficult to schedule and execute major equipment installations or systems upgrades. With the coronavirus pandemic limiting daily operations across a multitude of enterprises, this may be a good time to install new equipment and technology systems that will help […]


When our customers want a system solution that will give them the best value for their investment, a system that is easy to use and will accommodate moves adds and changes for years to come, the K.R. Wolfe Inc. team has the innovation to meet and surpass our clients expectations. Our cabling system solutions have more than top performance, they have the flexibility to work for […]

Systems Integration

Whether it is upgrading current video equipment or installing new state-of-the-art equipment in existing or new facilities, the Integration team at KR Wolfe Inc. has the experience to provide expert professional integration services. Our Integration Services staff has a proven track record of servicing, installing, and integrating all types of vendor equipment. Systems […]


K.R. Wolfe Inc. partners with the top AV companies across the country in the development, installation, integration, and support of the last next-gen audio/video communication systems and lighting. We are the company of choice for several of the largest systems integrators. Our commitment to our clients is unmatched. We provide unparalleled support from design to installation. […]