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Employee Engagement and Its Effects on Company Culture

Employee Engagement and Its Effects on Company Culture

There is a big difference between satisfied employees and engaged employees.  Satisfied employees are content, and engaged employees go above and beyond.  The level of satisfaction and engagement can positively or negatively affect your company’s culture, which is why employee engagement initiatives have become an HR priority in recent years – but how do we measure the intangible?


At KR Wolfe we lead, inspire, and continually support the organization’s most valuable asset – the people! However, the word asset connotes a financial portrayal of an employee’s value.  It is actually a subjective value where the engaged employee makes an emotional commitment with intangible discretionary efforts – going above and beyond – and participates in a positive culture; consequentially, improving financial results.


Statistics have shown that engaged employees are 22% more productive than non-engaged employees. Although research has also revealed that managers take on 80% of the employee engagement responsibility, we must also ensure that the management team is engaged as well.  They are tasked with the daily efforts to take business actions while continually improving and developing their teams.  Of course, the first level of commitment comes from the leadership team that inspires and leads the culture with great values, fairness, and respect; and then the HR team reinforces, coaches, and enables the managers to provide a successful employee experience.


Therefore, trying to measure the intangible means that the company culture is likely the best measure of employee engagement.  The most-widely recognized definition of company culture is the accepted behaviors and actions of the employees, and the KR Wolfe team, better known as “The Wolfe Pack,” gets their inspiration and leadership from both Rachel and Kellen Wolfe.  The management team translates that inspiration into business actions that result in both a positive customer experience and a more engaged national team.  KR Wolfe is an entrepreneurial environment which offers an opportunity to be in an engaged setting because everyone makes an impact on the business and culture!


– Diane Nash