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Field Service 2018 Update

Field Service 2018 Update

As the year continues to pass, we at KR Wolfe want to take the time to highlight our growth and development across each individual department as well as company-wide. An area of growth and even more potential for us is our Field Service Division. It’s an area where there are no limits to the types of jobs and clients we can work with, within the healthcare, life science, and security industries.

KR Wolfe provides these clients with service support on location for their equipment and machines. We are available 24-hour a day, 365 days year, ensuring they continue to have happy customers with extremely minimal downtime.

Here are some of the more interesting developments for the first half of the year that are helping spread a positive reputation of our Field Service Team:

  • Millipore Sigma has a broad product line ranging from Industrial Microbiology Testing Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, Lab Filtration and much more. We have many team members who have completed their certified training programs and have been assisting their ongoing needs for 3 years. As we continue to build and grow this relationship Millipore has requested additional certified specialists available for their needs. With that, we have a total of 3 additional specialists going through their Water Filtration Systems training and Ventilation Systems training later this summer. With even more going through their training programs later in the year.
  • One of our clients contacted KR Wolfe to perform a nationwide product field action inspection on over 1150 systems installed in 175 facilities across the United States. Today we are 5 months into the work and are already at 53% complete! Our goal is to be 100% complete in a 9 months’ time frame, beating the deadline by 3 months. We are very pleased with the work our team has accomplished and look forward to continuing to build upon this relationship for the foreseeable future.
  • Rapiscan produces x-ray/screening equipment for various uses, mostly widely known for use in Airports across the country, operated by TSA. Our relationship with Rapiscan started in 2017 performing maintenance as well as the installation of their equipment. They recently approached us as a satisfied client looking to expand KR Wolfe’s role within their organization. We are beyond thrilled to have a client like Rapiscan who values us as much as we value them, and we can’t wait to begin the expanded work they seek.

At the end of the day, no matter how big or small the client, no matter if they’ve been with us for years or days, they are heavily appreciated and respected within our organization. KR Wolfe strives to put their needs first and invest in the relationship for the long-term mutual benefit of all parties. If you think you could use KR Wolfe’s services, please reach out to us directly at info@krwolfe.com or call our San Diego Headquarters at (619) 328-1544.