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November 20 2018 0 Comment
KR Wolfe Installs Sony Medical Pilot Program for Patient Vital Monitoring

KR Wolfe Installs Sony Medical Pilot Program for Patient Vital Monitoring

Caring for patients is a tough job, ask any nurse. Even harder is monitoring your patient’s well being while not in their room. Throw in multiple patients across multiple rooms and the task continues to get harder. Luckily for hospital staff, technology continues to improve allowing for advanced remote monitoring.

One company on the forefront of this technology is Sony Medical. They recently teamed up with KR Wolfe to install a pilot program in John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. There KR Wolfe was responsible for installing 7 in room camera systems that are viewable through the Sony Video Management System at the main nurse station.

This system gives the lead anesthesiologist and other staff the ability to monitor patient vitals on the displays. Chase Roberts, Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine with John Hopkins said, “everything with the install went great and we’re up and running this pilot currently.”

If the pilot goes well it will offer an opportunity for equipment installation in another 70+ rooms and more importantly aid in more responsive and greater patient care for those using the facility.

Due to the high satisfaction with KR Wolfe on Sony’s side, it also aided in providing additional opportunities with Sony in late 2018 and onward.