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KR Wolfe Upgrades DMC Harper University Hospital with the Latest Equipment

KR Wolfe Upgrades DMC Harper University Hospital with the Latest Equipment

DMC Harper University Hospital called on KR Wolfe to upgrade their hospital with the latest OR equipment. For this task, the Wolfe Pack needed to completely modernize eleven operating rooms without disrupting scheduled surgeries and patients.

The team began by devising a plan to discreetly work on one room at a time. This included setting up infection control zones, demoing the space and updating all rooms with as little interruption as possible to the functioning ORs nearby to ensure safety and proper care for employees and patients. KR Wolfe removed and replaced structures, diffusers, lights and equipment. Working closely with the facility management, KR Wolfe completed the job with exceptional customer service and minimal disturbance to the other ORs and patients. It only took a team of three KR Wolfe specialists and six months to complete the renovation of all eleven operating rooms.

“Worked in phases to ensure demolition and upgrades could be done without disrupting or shutting down all of the operating rooms.”

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