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Serving the Growing Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Segment of Healthcare

Serving the Growing Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Segment of Healthcare

Over the past several years, surgical procedure volumes have been rapidly migrating from hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs).  This is no surprise, considering that procedures performed in ASCs can be far less costly for payers, including Medicare, and also for patients.

With the potential to provide over $50 billion per year in healthcare cost savings in the U.S., this rapid shift towards ASCs is expected to continue over the next few years as decisions are increasingly dictated by the demand for value-based care. In response to this ongoing trend, KR Wolfe and other leaders in the healthcare construction space, including Stryker Medical are taking steps to better accommodate the unique needs of ASCs.

In fact, earlier this year Stryker announced the launch of a new business division created specifically to serve the unique needs of ASCs. The business has more than 13,000 unique products serving approximately 22 procedural specialties. With teams that specialize in the ASC landscape, Stryker is now better prepared to provide tailored solutions that will help ASCs grow their business and achieve their mission and goals.

While the workflows and services offered by ASCs and HOPDs are often similar, the management and background facility operations can differ substantially, as many ASCs are owned and operated by physicians’ groups instead of hospital systems.

According to KR Wolfe president, Rachel Wolfe, “Despite some operational and regulatory differences, the construction logistics and equipment installed by our teams in freestanding ASC facilities are typically very similar to those that we execute within the ORs of Hospital Outpatient Departments.”

Our firm’s deep experience and multi-faceted capabilities in renovating hospital ORs and ICUs make KR Wolfe an ideal partner to deliver a full range of turnkey solutions in the ASC space.

KR Wolfe OR Renovation Capabilities

  • Design Build
  • Structural Engineering
  • Ceiling Support Systems
  • Millwork
  • Med Gas
  • HVAC
  • Seismic Anchoring
  • Lead Drywall
  • Infectious Control

KR Wolfe’s experienced teams understand the financial and operational impact of OR downtime. So our goal is to execute all construction and installation projects with maximum efficiency, always focusing on unsurpassed customer service. Whenever possible we create a safe and secure jobsite that allows the ASC or HOPD to remain open throughout the project.

To meet the growing demand for OR Renovations worldwide along with the emerging opportunities to serve the ASC community, KR Wolfe has an entire division dedicated to OR Renovation and Hybrid OR projects.  The earlier KR Wolfe is brought into the design and planning process the better. We provide the experience necessary, industry knowledge, and logistics, to deliver turnkey solutions for OR installation and renovation projects

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