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Starting Employees on the Right Foot

Starting Employees on the Right Foot

Five points in new hire on-boarding and why this can create a greater success.

Having the right people on the team is a consistent challenge companies face. At KR Wolfe, we pride ourselves on exceptional service, so having the right people is imperative. Here are five tips we use for a more successful on-boarding:

  1. Communication – Great communication with your candidates from the beginning will show the individuals its importance to you and your company.
  2. Scheduling – Find any way you can to get in front of your candidates. That face to face contact starts the ball rolling in what will hopefully be a long-lasting relationship. In person feels more personal and professional, and after all, how do you want to represent your company?
  3. Interview – We all have our questions and want our answers to those questions, right? Take a step back for a second and consider what you ask and how. Leave questions open ended to evoke a longer response. Engage in conversation about the answers. You get to know more about your potential employee when the conversation has a chance to breathe.
  4. Congrats – Hopefully it all works out and you have found the next great team member. Take time to make contact and spend some more time with them. The new employee will certainly have questions.
  5. Be There – For lack of a better term, be there for your new hire. Everything has gone so well so don’t let the ball drop now. There are lots of items to cross off the list. Company card, clothes, tools, start dates, contacts, and this list can go on and on. The employee is the right fit so coordinate clear and concise plans to get your new hire started in the right way.


–Dave Tomko