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Updating Diagnostic Facilities, Enhancing Patient Care and Outcomes

Updating Diagnostic Facilities, Enhancing Patient Care and Outcomes

As one of the nation’s leading construction firms specializing in healthcare facility renovations and capital equipment installations, KR Wolfe Inc. approaches every project with an unparalleled passion for service and integrating the latest technologies. The recent renovation our team completed for Sharp HealthCare’s Interventional Radiology (IR) Room 8 is a prime example.

This Sharp hospital facility provides vital medical services to residents of Spring Valley, California and surrounding communities. And the hospital’s (IR) Room 8 needed to be updated to ensure quality patient care for a range of sensitive diagnostic and treatment procedures.

The Challenge:  The Sharp IR-8 facility required demolition/construction and widespread upgrades to outdated equipment, as well as new fixtures, finishes, and furnishings. Similar to other hospital and OR facility renovations and installations, the challenge for KR Wolfe was to deliver highest quality construction, installation and integration services—with minimal downtime and disruption to hospital operations.

The Solution: To create the ideal clinical workflow and space requirements for the new equipment, KR Wolfe constructed a state-of-the-art IR facility that provides an improved experience for both patients and clinicians. The work was organized and executed to minimize disruption to adjacent areas and included:

  • Demolition of the wall to the east of IR 8 to capture the adjacent vacant space, as well as install sliding doors to separate the equipment room from the procedure room.  All panels on the sliding doors needed to be operable.
  • Share the Control Area between the two IR rooms to accommodate for the needs for the two Interventional Radiology rooms.
  • Provide a single point of entry into the IR rooms through the Control Room from the staff core area, which involved removing existing doors into IR Rooms 8 and 9 from the staff core area.
  • Provide a single point of entry from the Control Room into each IR room with a door that offers easy entry post scrubbing.
  • Install a scrub sink for IR Rooms 8 and 9.

KR Wolfe delivered a turnkey solution for Sharp Healthcare on-time and under budget. The updated IR rooms, with their new walls, capital equipment, and furnishings reflect a balance of intelligent design and functionality. Our team is proud to have assisted Sharp in achieving a dramatically improved workflow and harnessing the latest technologies—to support better patient experiences and outcomes