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St. Francis Operating Room Renovation

KR Wolfe Teams Up with Stryker to Renovate 14 Operating Rooms at St. Francis Hospital

St. Francis Hospital, located in Roslyn, New York, has been ranked “the best hospital on Long Island” for cardiology care by U.S. News & World Report for 12 consecutive years.  In addition to world-class cardiac care, the hospital evaluates and treats patients in over two dozen other medical specialties.

To maintain their high standards of patient care, St. Francis contracted Stryker, Inc. and KR Wolfe, Inc. to renovate and install new equipment in 14 of their operating rooms.

“We’re honored, once again, to partner with Stryker on another high-visibility OR renovation project,” said Rachel Wolfe, president at KR Wolfe. “The hospital needed to replace quite a bit of outdated equipment and lighting. Working with Stryker, we started the project in January, and we expect to deliver a turn-key solution in June.”

The Solution. The KR Wolfe team installed new LED surgical lighting, new equipment management systems and new anesthesia delivery booms. The new, state-of-the-art equipment provides better lighting with lower temperature impact, as well as a reduction in shadows in the surgical field. Fully articulating booms are another upgrade that place vital equipment, displays, med-gas, and power precisely where the surgical teams need them during sensitive procedures.

Communication is Critical. Throughout the renovation process, to ensure transparency and an ideal experience for all stakeholders, KR Wolfe worked diligently to establish and maintain clear channels of communication. Our spirited, multifaceted approach involves scheduling updates/reports and establishing relationships while working with the hospital’s management team, sub-contractors, the general contractor, and our client Stryker.

A Greater Impact.  Our efforts and vision extend beyond the physical aspects of construction, installation, and integration. Looking at the big picture, we’re on a quest to help healthcare facilities deliver the highest levels of patient care—empowering surgeons and medical teams to perform their best work—with the very latest equipment and technology.


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