KR Wolfe Upgrades Hundreds of Kiosks and Workstations for San Diego International Airport

While KR Wolfe is best known for its expertise in healthcare construction and Operating Room renovations, the firm is routinely called upon to execute sophisticated installations and system integrations for government and transportation organizations. A recent contract with San Diego International Airport is a bright example. According to the Business Unit Manager, John Derry, “KR […]

How Confident Are You With Your Construction Partner?

The Value of a Trusted Construction Partner Based on a 2018 study published by Forbes/Statista, building contractors were among the top 10 of America’s least trusted professions. Topping that list were members of congress, car salespeople, journalists, lawyers, bankers and real estate agents. A lack of trust in the construction business is caused primarily by […]

What Does it Mean for an OR to be Down?

Hospital operating rooms host the medical world’s most challenging, delicate and life-changing procedures. To ensure the highest levels of care and best possible patient outcomes, hospital ORs must be equipped with the latest, most technologically advanced equipment, lighting and IT systems. Periodically updating and renovating hospital ORs, much like the surgeries that take place inside, […]

OSHA Safety Standards—Built into every KR Wolfe Project

KR Wolfe construction teams approach every project with a focus on Quality, Understanding and caring, Exceptional Service, SPIRIT and Trust. That is our QUEST, and it’s how we strive to spread positivity and ensure safety on every job site. For any construction company, safety is much more than a goal; it must remain an absolute commitment […]

Green Construction in 2020

Only a handful of companies qualify to be designated as a Certified Green Professional™. Being a Certified Green Professional means, you are a builder, remodeler or another type of industry professional who incorporates green building principles — without driving up the cost of construction. KR Wolfe, Inc. is a proud Certified Green Professional and is […]

KR Wolfe Upgrades DMC Harper University Hospital with the Latest Equipment

DMC Harper University Hospital called on KR Wolfe to upgrade their hospital with the latest OR equipment. For this task, the Wolfe Pack needed to completely modernize eleven operating rooms without disrupting scheduled surgeries and patients. The team began by devising a plan to discreetly work on one room at a time. This included setting […]

Stryker Calls On KR Wolfe to Help Upgrade OR Lighting at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Stryker Corporation and KR Wolfe have collaborated on a number of hospital / OR renovation projects in recent years and have established a solid professional relationship based on mutual trust and respect. That’s why, when Stryker was awarded the contract to upgrade the lighting technology inside eight operating rooms at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), […]

KR Wolfe and Stryker Install Cutting-Edge Integration System For Clear Lake Medical Center

Following another collaborative installation between KR Wolfe and Stryker Communications & Endoscopy, ten operating rooms in the Clear Lake Medical Center in Webster, Texas are now upgraded with state-of-the-art Integration Systems and Endoscopy equipment. The installation entailed a major upgrade to the Stryker Switch Point Infinity 3 (SPI3) integration system and Endoscopy equipment. The project […]

Healing the Broken Heart

Broken hearts come in many forms. Some are from emotional upset, relationships coming to an end, or disappointment. However, there is another kind of broken heart that comes in the form of blocked arteries, leaking heart valves, a heart attack, and heart disease. It is the second type of broken heart that KR Wolfe plays […]